All drawings and paintings are copyrighted by Kareen Ramsey and may not be duplicated without permission.


                      Lily - color pencil - sold       9'x12' from a 2'x3' school wallet size
To the Hunt - watercolor, India Ink, color pencil - composite from two black and white photos  14"x17"- sold

                                Grief - Graphite - 11"x14" on Bristol Board -  $50.00  
                                     Taken from my photo of Dante's Memorial - Florence, Italy

                                        A Friend's Grandson - color pencil - sold

                                    Libby - color pencil - 14"x17" private collection

                                      A Sister's Love - color pencil - 16"x20" - sold

                                            Barbara - color pencil - 14"x17" - sold

             Jonathan - Graphitint (combination color pencil and graphite) - private collection

                                          Pouting - color pencil - private collection

                                    Macy - color pencil - 16"x20" - private collection

               Doubting Thomas - color pencil - donated for Bible board game in Ukraine

                                    Hannah (playing in mud) color pencil - 16"x20" - sold

                                           Alison - color pencil - 14"x17" - private collection

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