Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Miss Honey

                    Christmas 2011 was getting nearer and I was lonely and depressed.  The weather had                   been gloomy, wet, and cold.  I had had 3 dog portrait commissions in a row.  It had been 6                   years since I'd had a dog, having had one in the family from birth.  So, it was only natural for               me to be yearning for doggy companionship, having lived on my own for those 6 years.
                   I looked online to see what breeds were best for apartments.  Shih Tzu was one                             mentioned.  So, when I contacted the animal shelter and was told they had a Shih Tzu, I drove             out to inspect.  There were 5 rooms with kennels in 2 rows each.  The second room housed the             Shih Tzu, but, I made a thorough inspection of all rooms before returning to the second room.             I had asked the Lord on the way over to give me a peace and a surety of the one I should take.            When I returned to the Shih Tzu, I knelt down and said, "Honey, (being from the south, I call               everyone "Honey") you're coming home with me, and your name is 'Honey'".  At that point I               was sure!
                     Honey was in a kennel between a large lab and a German Shepherd.  She was huddled                shivering in a puddle of her own pee.  Even the leash they provided was soaked in pee.  We                went immediately to the vet.
 Honey after a week at the vet's
Crystal from Honey's bladder

     He found this large crystal in her bladder. Her recovery was rather quick, but she was weak and shy.  By the time I paid the vet bill and accumulated everything a small dog would need, I was out of pocket 2 paychecks.  I was really beginning to doubt my decision to be a dog owner.  The first few weeks were an emotional roller coaster with Honey.  I put her on Craig's List twice, but just couldn't give her up.  I had made a commitment, and we were beginning to bond.  It was like having a baby in the house.  She was constantly demanding and my liberty was fleeting.
     Once again, I started thinking I'd made a serious mistake in keeping Honey, and once again began wondering if I ought to give her away.  Quite suddenly, I could hear that inner voice speaking rather loudly, "NO - I did not give you away.  I died on the cross to keep you - you will keep her as a reminder.  I sacrificed My life for you, and you will sacrifice for her".  Couldn't argue with that!
     It took 2 years for Miss Honey and me to trust one another and become buddies.  Well, as you dog owners know, it took 2 years for Miss Honey to train me.  She is a great companion - still stubborn and demanding at times, but really a very good dog.  We have a house with a fenced in back yard now (chosen specifically for her).  And she gets the occasional play time with the Good Flea's Chewy and Gadget.  Aaaaahh, Miss Honey has the good life and a happy human.
 Honey walking the park in Style!
"Pretty Please"  portrait of Honey in watercolor and color pencil 2014 by Kareen Ramsey

     So, now, when I refer to Honey, you'll know who I'm referring to.

So, be a honey to someone today,

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Thanks, K


  1. Honey looks like such a cutie. Great portrait. #RescuesRock. My husband often questions my decision to keep Kilo the foster Pug. He has a few flaws LOL. XS

  2. Amazing portrait! You're such an amazing artist! I'm so glad you rescued Honey and I'm glad she's recovered x

    1. Thanks Hannah. I think Honey rescued me. She is so much fun and exasperation as well. :-)


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