Friday, June 26, 2015

Finished at Last

     Finally!  I finished the coverlet for my bed. 

     Please don't judge me harshly.  Married 33 years to a mechanic made me very thrifty.  And old habits die hard.  I learned to make things from others' junk and castoffs.  Being a quilter, I've accumulated quite a "stash" of fabrics.  So my idea of cleaning house is to use up as much fabric as possible in a utilitarian way - namely a quilt.

     Here's a quick progression.  

I sewed 3" strips together, then cut them into 3" strips.
These strips were joined to make  squares.
And the squares were joined to squares of muslin to form strips.

       And the strips were joined to make the top middle of the bedspread.  Then more strips were added to expand it to fit the full size bed.  Then, the thrifty really kicked in.  I had some old window valances in the closet that I split to form the border.  The fun part was - they were already hemmed.
Now I have my lightweight coverlet for the summer.  (Big Smile!)
     Here is a similar coverlet that my Mom and DeeDee (grandmother) made in the 30's from my grandfather's silk ties.  Then they embroidered feather stitching around all the joins.
     And you ask why it stays in the closet?  Because Miss Honey loves to roll in anything smelly, then roll on the bed.  So, now you know why I don't put anything expensive on my bed. And I'm too cheap to pay dry cleaning bills.  Told you I sacrifice for that doggie!

     Oh, and the dust ruffle - it is two brocade tablecloths and an old sheet from a garage sale.

Now, try to  be thrifty today,


  1. I love it! It looks amazing! Your quilts always impress me.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. You have my all time favorite dog breed. 15 yrs. ago we had foundation problems causing the front door not to close properly. "Moose" (Golden Retriever) from next door would jump the fence and come down the hall at 5:00AM to give me a slurpy kiss and get his treat and belly rub.

  3. The silk tie quilt is amazing!

    1. Thanks Karen - I love all the colors. Ties were so much bigger in the 'teens.

  4. That looks incredible! Good job!
    Ps. Thank you for coming by my blog a little awhile ago. I really appreciated the lovely comment. Only just figured out how to access your blog!

    1. Thanks Hannah. Sure like your post on frozen treats. And the list of foods they can eat is great. I'm printing it off because I always have trouble remembering, "Now is this OK or not?"

    2. That's alright, so glad you liked it! I've got the same list of foods printed off and stuck on the wall in my pantry. It's been really convenient!


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