Friday, July 3, 2015

For a Friend

     Sometimes I do a bit of freelance graphic work.  This last week, I had fun making two posters for my friend Carleen to advertise her upcoming book signing.  She will be at a craft fair next Friday in Broken Arrow, OK.  So all you locals, please pass by and say "hi" to Carleen and buy a book.
     Carleen started writing for her grandchildren.  They loved it when she told them stories, so a book was a given.  I had the privilege of designing the cover and illustrating the first one.  The characters are her grandchildren.  So you can see this is quite a keepsake for them.  But, it is also a good story about getting everything you want and the consequences.

Sophie finds a ring and it gives her whatever she wishes.
And Carleen's sweet husband gave her this ring when the book was published.
Ask her if she's been "using" it?

This is one of the illustrations of Sophie (blond) and her friend.

     The second book  is more of an adventure story about Henry.  He finds the ring and takes his friends back to the age of dinosaurs.   I really enjoyed his adventure.  Carleen's sister-in-law did the cover and illustrations for this one.   
     She sells her books on  Amazon  and Kindle.  She will be selling them at the Christmas in July Craft Fair and signing for you.  So please come on by and tell Carleen that Kareen sent you.

Southern Magnolia
114 South Main St.
Broken Arrow, OK
(Upstairs Rose Room)

Friday   July 10, 2015
9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Accepting Cash and Checks with photo ID only

Wood Crafts, Quilts, Baby Blankets, Afghans, and much more  

Oh yeah - the posters!

She has two new books coming soon.  I've read a few chapters of the one about the Kingdom Kids.
It is exciting! I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

     It has been a productive week for me.  I sewed a pair of cargo pants for another friend.  I had to make a newspaper pattern from a pair she had had for ages and wanted duplicated.  Happy to say it was a great fit.  Just wish I'd thought to take a picture to show you.

Please have a safe July 4th weekend and keep your dogs inside during fireworks.


  1. What a busy week! I'm sure these books are very special to Carleen's grandchildren and are great stories to read as well! The illustrations and covers are just gorgeous!


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