Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's Secret!

     I wanted to show you what I have been working on for the last few months.  But, it's SECRET!
So you will have to settle for snippets.  I don't want my family to know what I'm making for Christmas gifts.

This is from linen I found at an estate sale.  The crochet work is from my Grandmother.

This - I'm not telling!

OK - you got me!
This is flannel pajamas for my granddaughter's doll.  But, it doesn't matter because she's only one and can't read my blog yet.

These two were fun and fairly quick to do.
     Do you like to start Christmas shopping early?  I love to find bargains all year long and hide the goodies in a closet.  Kind of makes me feel like Santa's workshop, especially when the gifts are my homemades.
     Well, I hope I made you think about getting ready for Christmas.  All the Christmas in July sales inspire me to get a move on with being Santa's little helper.
     I'd love to hear what you're making or planning to make. 

Happy sewing and crafting,


  1. Those all look great! Your family will just love their gifts!

    A couple of months ago, I found these great ice cream sundae glasses that a shop was throwing out for $1. I couldn't resist this bargain and stocked up. For Christmas, I plan to make a variety of truffles and rum balls. I'll fill the glasses with the truffles and do them up nicely with cellophane for gifts :)

    1. What a wonderful idea. My grandmother made rum balls and some great fruitcake. She sent the fruitcake to me at college. My friends and I would get the giggles. She always soaked them in bourbon.

    2. Hannah, I made the ice blocks for Honey. I put beef broth, green beans, carrots, and a ham slice (all I had on hand) in the processor and poured into ice trays. She loves them, and it keeps her busy quite awhile.

    3. She sounds like such a fun grandmother :)

      That's awesome, I'm so glad Honey likes them and they keep her entertained! It's always good to use up what you have on hand, the ice blocks always end up a different yummy flavour! Thank you for letting me know :) I really enjoy hearing how it goes for others dogs!


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