Sunday, July 5, 2015

For Another Friend

     While I was busy working on posters the last two weeks, I was also busy on a drawing for a friend.  She had seen my slide show and asked if the squirrel picture was for sale.  In an email I explained that it was for the Good Flea.  Having been friends for the last ....:-)...... years, I drew one for her.  This squirrel is one of my favorites.  This little fella kept following my husband and me around Audubon Park in New Orleans.  He wanted treats.  That day was the first time I had used my new camera.
Color Pencil 2015 by Kareen Ramsey

      We had his cousin and his wife staying with us for a few days.  They were down from Chicago and avid bird watchers.  So we took them out along the river (Mississippi) and down to its mouth to see the migratory birds.  And boy, did we get hooked! I now have well over a hundred birds in my life list that I have personally seen.  It is truly amazing to see the diversity of God's creation.
And the fun part is, most of the pictures I took were right from the car window.  Wildlife is just that close down there. 
     But, birds are for another post.  This one is about critters.  More about them too - so y'all come back.

"Lunch"  photo by Kareen Ramsey 2003
Did the gator get the Black-Crowned Night Heron, or NOT?
This happened in the pass near Venice, LA.

 Baby Great Horned Owl and Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
photos by Kareen Ramsey 2003
Raccoon babies and Green Heron
photos by Kareen Ramsey 2004

       It was such fun driving down to the owl nest (12 miles) every few days to watch the babies progress.  There were two in the nest.  We couldn't get too close because of Momma Owl.  She kept a close eye on us.  Our bird watching friends cautioned us strongly to keep our distance.
      In this post I'm trying to give you a smattering of the abundance of wildlife we encountered shortly before Hurricane Katrina.  The wildlife has come back.  Birds are still migrating through the delta.  But, there is a whole lotta less land now.
      I gave up on bird watching when I moved to Oklahoma because that was "our" pastime.  It was too difficult and saddening to go alone.  After ten years, I am just now getting comfortable talking about it.  So this is somewhat cathartic.  Thanks for listening! 
      But, now when Honey and I walk the neighborhood, I keep an eye on one neighbors hawk nest and watch for the big Barred Owl down the street in the evening.  And Honey has to come back in the house if I spot the hawk in the back yard pecan tree.

So keep your eyes open for any critters near you and have a wonderful week,


  1. We don't have raccoon's in Australia, but those raccoon babies are soo cute! All those birds are gorgeous too - I just love seeing different animals. And that squirrel picture is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Hannah, more to come in future posts. Would love to see some of your native critters in your posts (hint, hint).

    2. Yes, I can't wait to do a post about our Aussie Animals - I've had a few cool encounters! I was thinking of doing a special 'Thank you' and Aussie post when I hit 30 subs. I'm only 4 subs away so keep your eye out for that post!

    3. I'm so new to this - so stupid question - what's a sub? And I'll certainly keep an eye out for it.

    4. No don't worry, the great thing about blogs is that your learning all the time! Trust me, I still have a lot to learn! Sub or subs, is just short for subscriber :)


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