Monday, June 22, 2015


     People are always asking me, "Is it hard to draw that?"  "How do you do that?"  "How long does it take?"  "But, it looks easy."
     So, today, I'll take you through the process.  Not all of my drawings are done this way - but, the process is similar for most.
     I work from photos - either hard copy or digital.  But, they all end up in the computer to manipulate in Photo Shop.  This way I can play around with background colors or combine people and/or pets.

      Here I printed out my google image picture on glossy paper.  Since I used 9"x12" bristol board for my surface, I also printed out a copy on computer paper.   I transferred the picture to the board using my homemade graphite paper (the black paper you see behind the photo). Simple tracing! Now I have a faint copy on the board to start the drawing. 
     For larger drawings, I print out a transparent copy to put on my overhead projector.

      In this particular drawing, I was experimenting with the Derwent Inktense blocks.  They are solid color pencil - water soluble.  When dampened, they fill in all the white spaces so evident in regular color pencil drawings.  It gives an intense ink like wash.  These are great for backgrounds.  The smaller orange areas, I used Prismacolor watercolor pencils. These are good for small areas.  
      Please have fun trying out different mediums and experimenting.  It's fun to find a new favorite now and then.

          Here, I just kept refining it with lightfast Prismacolor pencils.  The small black areas, are                                                                               India Ink.

     The finished product!  It was sprayed many times with a workable fixative to prevent smudging.  Then I always recommend an acid free mat to keep the glass off the drawing.  Color pencils are wax base and in high heat could make the drawing cling to the glass if touching.  And always keep it out of direct sunlight.  
     This drawing took about 15 hours spread out over a week in my spare time.  And is it hard to do?  No, it is great fun and relaxing.  And any creative endeavor is very satisfying.  After all, we are created in the image of God who is the Great Creator.  

Have a creative week,


  1. Very interesting to see how you work. My husband paints and I love to watch the process. I can pretty much ruin any canvas! LOL!

    1. Thanks M. You should post some of his paintings - or have you?

  2. It was really interesting to read about your process. The butterfly is absolutely beautiful! I'm actually going to try my hand at acrylic painting for the first this weekend and it's really scary. I know I should just have fun with it, but we'll see what happens. lol.


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