Saturday, October 17, 2015

Calling All Dog Sitters!

     Help!  I'm grandma doggie sitting Chewy and Gadget for the Good Flea while she is in Dallas on business for Jones Natural Chews.  They love to walk on leash and explore the park and neighborhood with Honey.
     But, really - three dogs on leash, all wanting to sniff and explore in three different directions!  What's a grandma to do? Luckily, they only twisted me up in the leashes once this morning.  And, the leashes are only standard length.  See!

Here we go - it's off to the park.  They are so excited.  But, you can see they are already switching places and getting the leads crossed.

     And of course, they have to stop and sniff and mark -  ALLLLL over the park.  They were having a grand time.  And after our mile around, they still had time to come home and play chase and bitey face.  Now they're all asleep.  What a fun morning!

     But, is there any way to train them to walk along in unison without twisting up and wrapping me up too?  When I see people on TV walking multiple dogs, they are so orderly.  Or, are those just the good shots for TV?

Have a grand day,

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