Friday, October 9, 2015

Gasp - Sigh!

     I can breathe again!
      I finished two projects.  Whoopee!
What a wonderful feeling.  Now, I'll take a few minutes for myself before I delve into the rest of the projects I've started and need to begin.

     I began this quilt last year.  I know - Kareen, you're slow!  But, that's OK.  I believe that a little at a time is better than none at all.

"I See You!"  watercolor and gouache by Kareen 2015

     And finally, the Great Horned Owl on her nest.  This was a fun, quick study.
So, what is your philosophy on projects?  Are you a one at a timer?  Are you driven to complete it on a deadline?  Are you a perfectionist?  Do you EVER finish them?  (There are some I've discarded out of boredom or it just wasn't working out like I thought it should.)

Have a wonderful weekend and happy projecting - well you know what I mean,


  1. Hmm- I started out doing a million projects at a time and never finishing any. Remember, however, that DaVinci finished only a some point early in my marriage, I sent my would be projects to my niece, Flea, and tried to do one at a time thereafter. The reality is I started my teaching career and that became my hobby!

  2. A great hobby to have. And you have impacted more lives for good that way.


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