Sunday, October 4, 2015

Watch Out For That Pecan!

     Do squirrels fuss at you?  The ones in my neighborhood do!  They even throw pecans at me.
What did I ever do to them? 

     This little fella was fussing at me when I stopped under the tree to let Honey check out the fire hydrant. This is a mandatory stop when we walk the park.

     His mutterings were a bit muted, because, as you can see above, he didn't want to put down the pecan in his mouth.

     Do they hate me because I secretly loathe them for stealing all my pecans every year?  Do they sense that?
     Just try to go to the park on a Sunday morning to commune with nature and enjoy God's beautiful creation, and nature squawks back at you!  Is God trying to teach me to love ALL of His creation?  Or is this WAR?

Hope you enjoy your Sunday and don't get pelted by pecans,

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  1. i have one i call trouble maker and then he bring his buddys in the yard they got hold of golfer or mole im not sure waht it was but they beat it up but they pick up wallnut and they are bigger as we walk they go over the line and wait for the dogs and bomb bard them


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