Monday, August 10, 2015

Do You Like Leather?

     Well, do ya?   I do, and so does my son, the Good Flea's Hubby.  He's getting darn good at leather work.   A few years ago, we went together for beginner's classes at Tandy Leather here in Tulsa.  What fun! Since then, he has made it into a growing hobby and occasional commission.

Here's the Good Flea with her new custom designed purse from the Hunny!

And he didn't forget Mom.  I love my Bible cover.  One of his first pieces.

And lookie! He won a Blue Ribbon at the State Fair for this knight's suit of armor.
It took quite awhile because he made the chain mail one joined circle at a time.

Now to Italy!

     What has leather got to do with my trip to Italy?  Everything!  While in Florence we visited the Leather Factory at Santa Croce.  What a treat!  

The craftsmen had left for the day.  Wish I had a workshop like this.  I took lots of pictures of leather work wherever we went in Italy to show to the Hunny.

     They are renowned for their leather work.  But, I think the Hunny's work is far more intricate and fun.
     Told you I'd show more snippets from Italy!

Hope you have a creative week,


  1. I LOVE leather crafts! I have always wanted to dabble in it! So cool and such lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Shannon, Chewy looks like a real professional camper in his backpack. It's good to put the kids (especially the furry ones) to work early. Thanks for dropping by.


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