Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who needs a new project?

     I do - that's who!  I go stir crazy when I'm bored.  I'm always looking for the next project.  So, I've decided to have a sale.  You know portaiture is MY thing!  So for the next week and a half, I'm reducing my prices because I NEED a project.
     Christmas will be here sooner than we like to think.  And a portrait of a favorite pet or person would be a welcome addition to any home.
      So, I'll take the first 3 requests by August 22nd.  Offer good only for this sale!
Small size  9"x12"       $150.00 
Medium     11"x14"     $175.00
Large         16"x20"      $225.00       All sizes are actual paper size.
Additions    $25.00
No shipping charge        Please refer to the Prices page above for further reference.

This is a drawing from an internet clipart site.  I drew it strictly for a tutorial on my techniques.  It is not for sale (in my closet).  I don't want to infringe on copyrights.

And this is the preliminary drawing on Bristol Board.  Here I am establishing the lay of the fur.  I don't draw every hair - just suggest the way it falls.

Now, I bring in the face coloring and the undertones.  That's the fun of color pencil - all the rich colors, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold.
Here, the back is laid in and the face further defined.

And the finished piece.

So Why?

     And now you're asking, "Why buy a portrait when I could have a photo blown up much cheaper?"  Sure you could!  But, it would be just that - a photo.  
     A true work of art is a masterpiece to immortalize your loved one - a keepsake to hand down in the family generation to generation.  And besides, you can have it customized to suit your decor.
I have been changing background colors and highlights to please my customers tastes for years.  I've not had a disgruntled client yet.  They are all amazed at the beauty color pencil brings to the finished product.  
     This is what I live for - bringing joy to people when they see and enjoy their own specialized portrait.  That, and I really need a project! 

      So, I'll take the first 3 requests by August 22nd.  Offer good only for this sale!
Small size  9"x12"       $150.00         All sizes are actual paper size.
Medium     11"x14"     $175.00
Large         16"x20"      $225.00
Additions    $25.00
No shipping charge       Please refer to the Prices page above for further reference.

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