Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I've Been Robbed!

     In broad daylight!  Right in my own backyard!

     Normally, I like these little fur balls with their pretty fluffy tails.  I even draw them because they are so cute.  But, this is enough!  

     I watched this crime as it happened.  But, I was so amazed that I didn't take a picture.  I was afraid to open the blinds further for fear of scaring him off.
     He ate my marigolds!

Oh, the carnage!

The little beastie sat right on that corner and ate them.  At first I thought he was playing "she loves me, she loves me not" as he tossed one petal after another on the ground.  But, then, realized he was eating the flower centers.

     I know it's been an awfully hot summer and they've been digging up all the pecans they buried last winter, but, MARIGOLDS? Really?  It's bad enough they steal my pecan crop, but now my flowers.  What's next?

The Perp! 
Well, at least a reasonable facsimile.

     Are any of you familiar with squirrel habits?  Is this normal?  Should I be in mortal fear of the little beasties, because they DO seem to be multiplying in this neighborhood?  After all, my neighborhood is built in an old pecan orchard.  Should I take up arms, make out a police report?

Be on the watch.  Secure the borders (of your gardens).  Take good pictures to show the police.
And have a safe and happy week,


  1. Pierre would be happy to come clear your yard of squirrels. We only get a couple of brave ones in our yard now. He sits at the window and dares them to enter his perimeter.

    1. Plucky Pierre! Honey keeps trying to catch them, but they just run up the tree and start fussing at her. They even throw pecans at us. We would love to have Pierre and Bentley and their humans come and visit. Honey will even share some of her Jones treats.

  2. Oh no, what's with that? I've never seen a squirrel eat marigolds before either.

    1. Can't figure this one out.. Maybe all the heat we've had and they ran out of pecans. There are green pecan bits all over the park walkways. I guess they are REALLY hungry.

  3. I am always on squirrel patrol. They can empty a bird feeder in a skinnet, that is less than a minute. Ma keeps throwing stale rolls, bread, tators and other things out near the bird feeder in the back. It helps to keep the squirrels away from the seed itself.
    For the garden she uses black pepper. Nothing is worse than dad getting all excited about the fresh maters turning red , only to find out either one side is eaten or the whole mater disappears overnight. He reminds me of that cartoon guy Yosemite Sam when it happens.

    1. Carma, I didn't know Scooby could fly. Love that first pic of you both in 8 Photos of Happiness. Thanks for the black pepper tip. I lost all of my tomatoes to squirrels last year and didn't even plant them this year. I'll have to try it next spring. I totally understand your dad's feelings. I won't feed them. That's where I draw the line. I have 4 pecan trees in the back yard and have yet to get a pecan - the little piggies!

  4. I can't help you - squirrels are what I fear the most in life. Sounds crazy I know - but they terrify me.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Cathy, Love your site!
      I'm keeping the Good Flea's Chewy and Gadget while she's in Chicago at meetings for Jones Natural Chews. She left me a box of the Honest Kitchen for their main meals. Gadget really needs the fiber since his hernia operations.
      But, my Honey is the real surprise. I've tried other dried meals like these and only get an upturned nose. This she LOVES. Guess I'll be buying Honest Kitchen from now on.
      Sorry about the squirrels. Did you have a bad experience as a wee one? Roaches I loathe!


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