Saturday, August 1, 2015

What's In Your Bag?

     Whaaa?  What bag?  Why my "Bug Out" bag of course.  Now, if you're thinking I'm some crazy paranoid old woman - I'm not.  Well, sometimes, maybe a little.  Anyway, it is the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
      For 33 years, every summer, I would begin collecting our valuables, important papers, and photo albums to keep in a special place for quick evacuation.  This is very much like on TV's MASH.  Sometimes we were only given a day or two's notice.  Keeping 4 kids and dogs calm while packing up our old VW van during all the craziness in the community was quite a feat.  Amazing how people panic with an impending hurricane!
      So, when I moved to tornado country, I continued to keep a bug out bag near the front door.  That lasted about 5 years.  I finally realized that if there was a tornado, there might not even BE a front door, much less a bug out bag.
      But, about a month ago, I awoke one morning, and just started filling my backpack with a few days necessities.  Then, seeing Honey giving me the glare, I realized she needed a bug out bag too.
So, I started filling my collapsible carryall with food and water for both of us.  So now we are prepared for whatever may come.  I think I would have made a good Girl Scout if I had lived in the city.

The carryall with liner I made to conceal innards.  Dried foods, easy open cans, and bottle waters fill the bottom.  There is a tether for Honey to ride on top.  She's not a real hiker.

This is after I added a few more items, a small pillow, towel, and puppy pad on top so Honey can ride in comfort.  She's not spoiled!  Nooooooo!

I love these mesh bags I bought from Rick Steves for my trip to Italy.  Here there is a change of clothes and extra socks plus a sewing and eye glass kit.  

And this is my hanging toiletry kit - also from Rick Steves.  These both fit in the large compartment of the back pack.  There is also another smaller mesh bag with medications, can opener, plastic bags and utensils, and TP, etc.

And what would any self respecting "bug out" bag be without a crank radio, LED headlight, compass, and extra leash and poop bags.  An old fashion fan always comes in handy in hot weather or swarming bugs.

So there you have it.  Bag is all ready with my money belt and print out of vital records in the side pocket ready to put on in a rush.

      But, I have another bag I haven't shown you.  And I can't!  It's a bag I keep with me 24/7.  
But, you can't see it.  The main compartment is my heart, filled with the love of Jesus.  The side compartment is His holy Word, lest I offend Him or others.  The other side pocket is His salvation.
The handle bears the motto "Jesus is my Boss".  This is my "Bug Out" bag of Faith.  
      One bag is useful to get me from one physical location to another, and one bag is useful to get me from here to eternity.  Never hurts to be prepared for both events.

Now, what's in Your bag?

PS  If you have any suggestions for additions, please let me know.  Thanks!  K


  1. Great idea! As for other suggestions, how about important documents (passport, birth certificate, etc. for identification) and maybe a few extra special photographs. Cash would be very important too.

    1. Thanks M,
      I have my passport and a printout of identifications ( insurance, driver's license, etc). All my photos are in the computer. So that got me thinking. I'm going to copy family photos and vital records to a thumb drive and put with the above in my money pouch. Thanks for the idea. I do have some small bill cash packed - but it's never as much as I would like to have on hand. For 2 years before Katrina wiped us out, I had scanned all the family photos into the computer. Since we had a small car and no room for boxloads of photo albums, all we had to do was grab the hard drive and run. Then later on I copied CDs to give to all the kids. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I am very impressed with both of your bug-out plans! ♥

    1. Thanks Melissa - have a great weekend.

  3. No bug out bag yet at my home, but I do have a hurricane pantry! Mama taught us well!

  4. I love your prep! The folding fan is genius. So one day you're going to post about Italy? Photos of the artwork? Stories?

    1. Back before AC, we girls always had a fan with us. I just finished putting all my vital records and pictures on a flash drive and added to the bag.
      Thanks for the idea about Italy.


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