Friday, August 28, 2015

Chewy in Red

     This will be a review and tutorial for Derwent Graphitint pencils.  I have used these before and like them.  They mix graphite with a water soluble tint. It is a nice mix of black and white with a bit of tint.

This is my nephew drawn in Graphitint with just a bit of color pencil in the lips and hair.

So, I thought I'd do one of the Good Flea's Chewy to show you the process.

Love this photo!  This started out as a black and white drawing with just a hint of tint.  Well, just watch the progress.  I can be fickle!

Since I'm using a 9x12 inch format, I just printed out a greyscale 8.5x11inch copy to trace using homemade graphite paper.

I like Strathmore vellum Bristol board.  It is smoother than some of the other brands and can take more layers of pencil.  Here, I've lightly taped the paper photo over the graphite paper on the board.  Then I trace with a sharp pencil all the major areas I need.  

Once it is traced, I come over it with a light touch of color pencil.  Then I'll use a gum eraser to get rid of the graphite.  The color pencil will still be visible whereas a regular #2 pencil would also be erased.

Here, I've started laying in the Graphitint.  The hat has been dampened with a wet brush to achieve an overall effect.  I used  black and red pencils.

     And that's all folks til next time when we'll continue the process.  I'm nearly finished, but, it is getting too lengthy for one posting. 

So, until then, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend,


  1. Thanks Hannah, This has been a fun one - can't wait to finish it. I love your post on the notebooks. Where do you get your ideas? I keep getting writers block.

    1. Thanks Kareen. I had writers block for quite awhile after my last post so I decided to do a post I was more inspired about. Hopefully it gets a good response! I don't actually get my ideas from anywhere in particular, I just seem to think of something I want to write about. I hope that makes sense! However when I'm feel un-inspired browsing on Pinterest does seem to spark some creativity!

  2. I love this photo of Chewy so it will make a marvelous drawing. Jimmy is going to feel left out though...Haha!

    1. Thanks Melissa, I hope I can do it justice. Poooooor Jimmy!


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