Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chewy in Red - Done!

     I started out to do a review of Derwent Graphitint pencils and ended up adding Prismacolor pencils.  I'm such a sucker for color.  I really didn't mean to bring out the colors so much - just leave it black and white with a hint of tint.  But, I always let the drawing dictate the final effect.  Sorry, but, I can't resist some color.  And that coat was so vibrant, it just screamed "color me".
     The Graphitints are great for a more muted effect, and I've used them as such.  But, I love color, and it is so tempting to add it.

My niece in Graphitint with a hint of Prismacolor in the skin tones.

     So, now to Chewy:

The Good Flea's photo!

 Prismacolor black pencil to darken the shadows and define the fur was all that was needed to finish the picture.

Chewy complete!  Not what I originally envisioned - but what Chewy demanded.  Hope you like!

Put some color in your life today,


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