Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can You Call an Alligator?

     I can!  Brother George Reno taught me how.  Bro. George was our Mennonite pastor and still a friend for over two decades.  He and his wife Ruby are naturalists who took meticulous records of tides, shrimp harvests, moon phases, etc.  They know all the sea life on the Gulf Coast and it's wetlands. LSU and Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries would ask his help at times. George grew up on Pass Manchac and was a shrimper/fisherman all his life - even when pastoring the church. Although retired now, he still is very active in the church.

    And those pesky alligators!  They really scare the tourists.  But, they are easy to call, especially in mating season, and will come up close to the land.  Just, DON'T go in the water.

About a 10 foot gator sunbathing in the canal near Venice, LA

And how about a 1000 year old shrimp boat?

Brother George with his 1000 year old shrimp boat! In dry dock for cleaning.

     The Tidewater Red was built by George and his brother from 1000 year old cypress logs dredged from the bottom of Pass Manchac.  You can learn more about this man and his fascinating life in a newly released book about his life and the culture of the area you are sure to enjoy.  A fun, easy, quick read!  Be aware, that Brother George and Sister Ruby are a fun couple who love a good prank. 

George and Ruby Reno, Bootheville, LA

Some day I'll share what George taught our baby boy about making bumblebee kites.

Have a great week and watch out for gators,


  1. That is fascinating. What a cool story of an interesting life.

    1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. George is a real hoot. Thanks for stopping by.


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