Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And "Bob's" Your Uncle!

     NOOOOO, no, no, no!  He's not - Wally was my uncle - my favorite uncle!
Do you have a favorite uncle?  You know!  The one who always played with the kids and found fun things for you and your cousins to do.  That was Uncle Wally.  He was the baby of five siblings and always a kid at heart.

Uncle Wally on left.  He and Uncle Frank were trying to get all of us squirming cousins into the jeep safely for a short ride. I'm the only one smiling.  Maybe they were trying to get us out, and we wanted to go again. 

Told you he was a kid at heart.  Here he's an extra on the movie Drango filmed at my grandparents' home near St. Francisville,LA.  He was a good horseman, so he was in some riding scenes too.

Fast Forward:
      I was in Sunday School in the 90s reading in Revelation about how the saints threw down their crowns and bowed down before God's throne in adoration.  My thought was, "Is this what heaven will be, day in and day out - BORING?"

     And then, I remembered Uncle Wally.
     When I was six and about to make my first communion, he came to visit.  He came in the front door, said "Hi" to my parents and came running down the hall with arms outstretched, went down on one knee, and called my name.  This was back when kids were to be seen and not heard (at least in my family).
     Now, I was a shy kid afraid of grown-ups.  But, that smile and the love coming from him just melted my heart. 
     That's when it dawned on me in Sunday School.  God IS Love, and when He welcomes us into heaven, we will feel His welcoming love.  And if it is anything like Uncle Wally's smiling love,  I think I can stand that for an eternity!

So even if your uncle is "Bob", I hope you'll feel God's love today,


  1. What a sweet family photo! It's pretty cool that your uncle was in a movie!

    1. Thanks Hannah. He died too young - in his 50s. This post has stirred a lot of interest from the younger family wanting to share pics between cousins. Hope you're having a good week.

  2. Replies
    1. So glad to hear Ethel is better. That was a close call. They are so cute.


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