Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life in the Gutter

                                     My Honey is a Street Walker, a Gutter Snipe!

     She loves to roam the streets, sniffing where every Romeo has been.  We follow the nose!
Our neighborhood has blocks that lack sidewalks, so we are reduced to roaming the streets.  The tragedy of being a "city dog"!

Remember when we were kids, how big everything looked?  Is that how it looks to a little dog?
Is the world bigger?

This is MY viewpoint.  Seems a bit smaller now, doesn't it?

     Honey loves it because there are so many interesting smells.  But, is that all there is for a dog?
Do they ever reflect on the beauty around them?  Do they appreciate the wonderful world God gave us, or care whether a neighbor keeps a tidy lawn?  What makes the walk so entertaining for them?
Will Honey remain a "low-life" dog?

Any clues?   Any dog philosophers out there have an answer?

Hope all the little gutter snipes out there have a wonderful weekend - and their owners too.

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