Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oh Look - Something Shiny!

    Is it just me with the ADD, that I am so distracted by shiny things?  Growing up with rosary beads imitating precious jewels and stained glass windows, gave me an appreciation - nay, an obsession with color and light - anything shiny.
     So, it is no wonder that my favorite parts of Italy were Venice and Murano.  So many shops with beautiful glass work.

Lovely jewelry from Murano. Every shop was a head turner!

 Searching High and Low:

Keeping up with Brother In Law.  He has long legs!  So much to see - so little time.

And by nightfall, after walking all over Venice, this is how I felt.

     But, this is what I dream about - then and now.  It was the perfect evening for a perfect day.  The air was cool and crisp (September) with a nice breeze coming off the water.  People were happy and strolling along.  Gelato settling in my tummy, and music coming from St. Mark's.  Aaaahh!

     So, when people ask "What was your favorite part of Italy?", I always say "Venice"  Everywhere we turned was an "Ooooooh" or "Aaaaah" moment.  And so many shiny things!

I hope you all see something shiny and pretty today to brighten your day,


  1. Oh my, that's really beautiful. Well worth the hike, I'd say!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    1. It truly was - and talk about sleep good - oh yeah! Thanks for dropping by - come again soon.

    2. It truly was - and talk about sleep good - oh yeah! Thanks for dropping by - come again soon.

  2. Wow that looks beautiful! I'm actually going to Italy at the end of this year (my Dad's side of the family is Italian) for the first time! If the weather allows, we're hoping to make a day trip to Venice!!

    1. Wonderful! Hope you have a great time. We went to Florence, Pisa, Venice, Murano, and Rome. There were "wow" moments every hour or so as we went. But, in Venice it was a "wow" every few minutes. Sure hope you can go there. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and really proud of their cities. I kept wanting to practice my Italian, but, they all kept wanting to practice their English. Truly the trip of a lifetime.


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